Truck Accidents

It’s no secret that a lot more people have moved to Colorado over the last 15+ years. Therefore, traffic throughout Colorado, especially the Front Range, has gotten very congested. More cars and big-rigs on the road mean more inattentive, distracted drivers and sadly, more wrecks.

With the population increasing, Colorado, and more specifically, Denver, has become a major hub for the trucking industry transporting goods into and out of the state. By many counts, the number of big rigs on Colorado roadways accounts for about 10% of all motor vehicles.

Large trucks, also known as big rigs, semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, commercial freight trucks, tractor-trailers, and/or hazmat trucks tend to weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds or more—about 16 times heavier than a typical passenger car or small SUV. Given their sheer size and potential for catastrophe after a wreck, commercial truckers are held to special rules and regulations (laws) that don’t apply to non-commercial drivers.

The lawyers at GPMB can help you understand your options and the legal steps you can take after being the victim of a trucking accident.